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Slideshows, Snippets, & RW5

By now everyone is aware that RW5 has changed the way that "assets" are used and no longer provides an "assets" folder. It has been replaced by a better "resources" folder. 

Better because the way the "Resources" folder works is that it will not require you to add your assets to every page. You can add them one time and then use them on any page you like. This will make for fewer files being added, smaller project files sizes, and less work on you. (For more reading on the “Resources” folder please visit this link RW5 Resources)

The only problem with switching to this new method is that it broke all of the pages that used snippets that relied on the assets folder. Below you will find new snippets to use for the various themes that were shipped with a slideshow built in.

• These new snippets will only work with RW5
• These new snippets require that you run RW 5.0.1+ (The initial RW 5.0.0 release had a small bug in it that prevent the new snippets from working properly, this was fixed in the 5.0.1 update)

Also, it is always good practice to make sure that you are using the latest version of all the plugins you have (Stacks, Blocks, Pluskit, etc ...)

SHOWCASE THEME: The showcase theme shipped with two slideshow snippets. You can download and install these updated snippets below:
showcasesm showcaselarge

STANDOUT THEME: The Standout theme came with 1 slideshow snippet. You can download the updated snippet below:


MOJO THEME: The Mojo X theme came with 4 slideshow snippets (one for each page width). You can download the updated snippets below:

mojo780a mojo840 mojo960 mojo1080

MAINLINE THEME: The Mainline theme came with 1 slideshow snippet. You can download the updated snippet below:



To install the updates snippets you will need to:

Click on each of the images above to download them. They should download into your “Downloads” folder.

After downloading the above snippets you will then need to double click on them to install them. They should automatically install when double clicking on them but just incase they don’t you can always install them manually by placing them into the following directory “user/Library/Application Support/RapidWeaver/Snippets”

Completely close out of and re-start RapidWeaver for the changes to take effect.

You should also be aware that these snippets WILL NOT over ride the old snippets. I will leave it up to you if you want to delete the old ones or keep them. I though that there might be some of you who are using RW5 alongside RW4.

Should you have any questions or run into any trouble please feel free to leave a request at our Help Desk.